Got a bad apple?

We know and understand the regulations around residential rental properties, are aware of owners’ and tenants’ rights, and respect the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta. Should you encounter a situation where you require advice, we can be your resource and will take the steps needed to successfully resolve the issue. We have assisted numerous landlords and can assist you too by acting as your agent when dealing with issues surrounding collections and/or evictions.

Assisting Landlords.

It has been shown that third party representation can produce more desirable results faster than going it alone. At APL we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the processes and requirements established by the Courts and the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service. We offer a cost effective service to you to recover rental arrears and/or evict your tenant and use the most cost effective process to resolve these tenancy issues. We also have a Commissioner of Oaths available to expedite the process in the event that you need an Affidavit or other documents sworn.

Our advice is always free! Contact us to discuss your options and see our rates under Services. Grab the key!

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